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Al-Qalzam Sea Global Company is a Saudi Arabian multi marine company that deals with marine trade, Shipping, Navigation Services, Cargo, Oil Trading, Fisheries, Aquaculture and Support services. Al-Qalzam Sea Global Company’s headquarter is located in Jeddah – Saudi Arabia.

Al-Qalzam Sea Global Company’s vision is to establish a complimentary type of a project that produces variety of top quality aquatic products in a remote area with limited natural resources. Also to provide jobs for young nationals of both sexes (males and female) and have them well trained by specialized expertise from all over the world. This will help in poverty elevation by establishing jobs near small villages as well as reducing immigration to large cities. The high value healthy products will contribute to the local and international seafood markets, and to develop an economically viable and environmentally sustainable aquaculture systems for marine fishies.

  • - To pioneer regionally in the field of marine aquaculture.
  • - To increase seafood production and introduce new products for local and international markets.
  • - To construct vertically integrated projects.
  • - To have a positive impact on the environment.
  • - To establish a long-term successful and sustainable business in remote areas of limited resources.

Al-Qalzam Sea Global Co.’s on-shore aquaculture facilities include hatcheries, nurseries, pre-fattening units, on-growing ponds, R&D center. Also the following facilities will be established on-shore area: Treatment Area: Located at the southwestern part of the site. This area will be planted with mangrove trees, Macro-algae, Sea weeds. This area also will be used to produce Sea cucumber, oysters and clams. As well; the on-shore project will incorporate Marine Aquaponic unite: This system will be adapted on the company’s site as well in order to produce seaweed and marine fish species in the same facilities. Caviar: The company is intending to produce caviar through a joined venture project with other global companies to full fill the local market demand and to export the production to the world fish markets.

Al-Qalzam Sea Global Co.’s off-shore aquaculture facilities incorporate the following: -  Floating cages: in the intermediate area: Located in between the natural barriers that work as wave breakers providing protection for the cages; where water depth ranges between 20-40 meters. -  Capturing Fish & Shrimp Boats - Marina: In front of the coastal line at the southern end of the project, for the fiberglass fishing boats to land. Hydraulic mechanism will be installed to transfer the captured fish directly to the processing unit. The cage farmed fin fishes will be transferred to the processing unit sharing the same transfer mechanism facility.

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Onshore Al Qalzam Project (A)

Qalzam Map Layout

Onshore & Offshore Al Qalzam Project (B)

Qalzam Map Layout

Qalzam Land Map (C)

Diving land Map
Boat & Yacht Club
Shrimp Hatchery
Diving & Fishing Club
Fish Hatchery
Oil & Gas Tanker
Shrimp Ponds
Oil & Gas Tanker
Fish Ponds
Oil & Gas Tanker
Research Center
Oil & Gas Tanker
Oil & Gas Tanker
Caviar Unit
Oil & Gas Tanker
Artesian Wells
Oil & Gas Tanker
Security Section
Oil & Gas Tanker
Bio-Security Center
Oil & Gas Tanker
Fish Nursery
Oil & Gas Tanker
Shrimp Nursery
Oil & Gas Tanker
Ponds Station
Oil & Gas Tanker
Quality Control
Oil & Gas Tanker
Grain Silos
Oil & Gas Tanker
Supporting Units
Oil & Gas Tanker
Agricultural Farms
Oil & Gas Tanker
Power Plant
Oil & Gas Tanker
Pond System
Energy Solar Panels
Energy Solar Panels
Aquaponic Unit
Energy Solar Panels
Processing Unit
Energy Solar Panels
Desalination unit
Energy Solar Panels

The main production will be several fin-fish species in the flouting cages and shrimp in the on-shore pond.

  • - Tilapia (Oreochromis Spilurus)
  • - Rabbit Fish (Siganus)
  • - Asia Seabass /Barramundi (Lates calcarifer)
  • - Grouper & Gaint Grouper
  • - Plectropomus pessuliferus
  • - Plectropomus areolatus
  • - Epinephelus lanceolatus
  • - European Sea bream (Sparus aurata)
  • - Copia (Rachycentron canadum)
  • Tiger Shrimp (Penaeus nmonodon)
  • Whiteleg shrimp (Penaeus vannamei)
  • White Shrimp (Fenneropenaeus indicus)
  • Oysters & Clams (bivalve)
  • Mother of pearl (Pinctada margaritifera & radiata)
  • Giant Clam (Tridacna gigas)
  • Sea Cucumber (Holothuroidea)

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